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About US


Who We Are

Our business journey started in 2010, with a determined vision to build an enjoyable dining experience in the Lefkada area, a special place that we had fallen in love with. Blessed with the opportunity to fulfil our dream, and our devoted dedication, we’ve managed to become masters of our craft and today provide a variety of dishes that are fresh, hearty and simply unforgettable in our modern and eclectically designed restaurant spaces.

Zimis Owners

Our History

Gaining rich experience in Australia and Athens, in preparing pizza and puff pastry respectively, we offer our rich and delicious recipes to Lefkada's local residents and tourist customers.


The key ingredient of all our delicious handmade products is the dough which we developed and mastered over time. Our secret recipe and process are what make the unique difference, in terms of quality and taste. Equally important is the cooking process. All of our dough products are baked in a specially crafted oven using only ethically sourced natural wood. Add the fresh local quality ingredients and you can't help but expect anything less than a delicious-tasting treat.


Open 24 hours a day, everyday!


At Zimis you can try a variety of traditional recipes with modern flavours. Peinirli, Pizza, Homemade Burgers, Vegetable Nest, Pasta, Salads, Baguettes, Arabic Pies, Bougatsa with Cream and Merenda, and Sweet or Savoury Crepes are some of the options that you can order for take-away or enjoy with family and friends at one of our beautifully decorated restaurants in Lefkada Town, Kariotes or Nikiana.


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